SolidCAM - CAM 的整合領導者

將您的 CAD 轉換為功能強大的 CAD / CAM 系統,並在您的 CAD 系統內部對 CNC 進行編程!

SolidCAM – SolidWorks 原廠新職認證的 CAM 運算引擎

最好的CAD/CAM整合型軟體,在 SOLIDWORKS 中直接進行高效益的 CNC 程式編程。


  • 金質認證 : SolidCAM 連續十年是 SOLIDWORKS 金質合作夥伴。
  • SolidCAM 與您一同成長 : SolidCAM 可以不斷擴充 CNC 種類及相關應用。
  • SolidCAM為您帶來最大收益 : 將 SOLIDWORKS 和 SolidCAM 整合使軟體更有競爭力。

延續 SOLIDWORKS 操作介面 !

  • 在您現有的 CAD 裡面運行 : 完全將 SolidCAM 融入 SOLIDWORKS。
  • 完整連結 : 當CAD有設計變更時,CAM路徑將隨之更新。
  • 降低交期壓力 : 節省大量的時間及精力。
  • 快速上手 : 由於沿用大家的熟悉的SOLIDWORK操作介面有效,縮短學習時間。
  • 完整圖庫匯入 : SolidCAM 可將組合圖輸入並模擬。


If changes are made on the manufacturing side, we capture them on both the design side and the manufacturing side because SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM are fully associative"

- Essai Corporation

The tight integration with SOLIDWORKS makes my design-to-production life cycle easy and fast."

- Kramer Designs Corporation

The ease of making CAM Gcode right within our SOLIDWORKS 3D modeler is hard to beat."

- fpvmanuals

Essai 使用 SolidCAM+SOLIDWORKS 規劃自動化IC測試系統。

  • "如果產生設計變更,軟體將自動進行新的加工程式運算,因為SOLIDWORKS和SolidCAM是完全關聯的."
  • "整合型的CAM軟體具有許多優點,包括節省時間、直接開啟相關文件及圖檔,更有效的提升設計系統的相關數據。

Nasser Barabi, Essai Corporation Founder and Manager

  • “Because SolidCAM is completely integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD software, we are actually building our CAM programming within SOLIDWORKS.
  • "This approach shortens the learning curve for programmers, offers greater geometry editing and manipulation power to manufacturing, and provides a common tool for supporting interaction between designers and machinists."
  • "The integrated approach facilitates discussion and resolution of manufacturing issues because everyone is working with the same model and the same modeler. We communicate issues and features a lot better working with an integrated system.”

Deniz Valle, Essai Corporation operations manager

SolidCAM 在 SOLIDWORKS 中的主要效益 :

  • 貌似 SOLIDWORKS - 將SolidCAM及SOLIDWORK整合成單一視窗。
  • 當設計變更時刀具路徑將自動更新 - 與SOLIDWORK完全整合。
  • SolidCAM是SOLIDWORKS10年以上的金質夥伴。
  • SolidCAM使用SOLIDWORKS 組合圖做規畫路徑,可以將夾具、治具、零件做可視化.
  • SolidCAM + SOLIDWORKS 可以擴充CNC類型及相關應用

InventorCAM – 受Inventor肯定的整合能力

最好的CAD/CAM整合型軟體,在 Autodesk Inventor 中直接進行高效益的 CNC 程式編程。


The tight integration and powerful functionality of the Inventor + InventorCAM solution improved our productivity and it explains why the Inventor+InventorCAM solution is getting a strong following."

- GDK Technologies, Inc.

Our InventorCAM Package has made smooth and easy integration between design and manufacturing, making it easy to get our parts produced. This saves our customers money."

- Chugach Electric Association

InventorCAM seemed like a natural extension of Inventor... InventorCAM was extremely easy to learn. I was actually generating code the first week, and this is on our five axis CNC machinel."

- Defiance Machine

Defiance Machine leverages Inventor + InventorCAM to automate production process

  • “InventorCAM seemed like a natural extension of Inventor to do our CAM. InventorCAM was extremely easy to learn. I was actually generating code the first week, and this is on our five axis CNC machine.”
  • “If I had to export a model from Inventor every time I made a change in it, it would be days to weeks overtime if we wanted to run something new. It would be a disaster that would greatly limit our company’s success.”
  • “The programming time as well as the machining time it saved us, was astonishing. We could finally take advantage of our 60 tool CNC machine and eliminate having to change tools between operations. The difference before and after InventorCAM is like night and day in terms of productivity.”

Glen Harrison, Founder Defiance Machine (formerly Phoenix Machine Technologies)

延續 Inventor 操作介面 !

  • 在您現有的 CAD 裡面運行 : 完全將 InventorCAM 融入 Autodesk Inventor。
  • 完整連結 : 當CAD有設計變更時,CAM路徑將隨之更新。
  • 降低交期壓力 : 節省大量的時間及精力。
  • 快速上手 : 由於沿用大家的熟悉的 Inventor 操作介面有效,縮短學習時間。
  • 完整圖庫匯入 : InventorCAM 可將組合圖輸入並模擬。

InventorCAM 在Inventor 中的主要效益 :

  • 認證 : InventorCAM 是 Autodesk Inventor 2005年認證夥伴。
  • InventorCAM 與您一同成長 : SolidCAM 可以不斷擴充 CNC 種類及相關應用。
  • InventorCAM為您帶來最大收益 : 將Inventor + InventorCAM 整合使軟體更有競爭力。